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Transfer Rules

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Transfer Rules Empty Transfer Rules

Post by Darlington Dave on Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:57 pm

#1:- Transfer Overview
Players can only be transferred between clubs in UCFL providing that the players involved are listed in the selling clubs roster and the buying club has the relevant cash to honour the deal in question.

#2:- Transfer Schedule
The UCFL transfer office processes confirmed transfer deals on a Mondays and Thursday evenings. Any posted deals without confirmation will be left out.

The transfer deadline usually arrives around week 16 games but please check the schedule in the forum for a confirmed date. Any deals posted after the deadline will be processed at the end of the season.

#3:- Confirming a Transfer
When two clubs have negotiated a transfer deal, it should be posted in the Transfer Office section in the forum so that it can be processed. Both managers need to confirm the deal for it to be processed.

#3:-Transfer/Loan Listing a Player
To make a player in your squad available, go to your squad page in the forum and then follow the instructions from the drop down menus to the right of the players stats.

Alternatively, a new thread can be posted in the ?For Sale? or ?For Loan? section of the Transfer Arena.

#4:- New Managers
For any new comers to UCFL, the FA will help them get used to the transfer market and will monitor any deals to make sure they are in the best interest of their club, and advise them when and where needed.

#4(a):- Caretaker Manager Restrictions
Caretaker managers within UCFL have the freedom to negotiate transfers for their caretakered club. Caretaker managers are not allowed to loan players in for their caretakered club.

The FA will block any deal that they think is not in the best interest of the club under caretaker management.

#5:- Cancelling Transfers
If a transfer deal is posted for processing, but then requires cancellation, both managers must post in the thread that they agree to cancel the deal.

#6:- Auctions
During the course of a season, there will be a player auction during the preseason period. This is a bidding war between the clubs to secure the latest talent to enter UCFL. Please read the full auction instructions within the auction thread when bidding.

#6(a):- Individual Auctions

Clubs can also list their players for auction within the ?Club Auctions? section of the Transfer Arena. Please see the full auction instructions with the Auctions forum for further detail on how to post.

The only exception for clubs being able to enter debt through purchasing a player is from a buying a player from a preseason auction, but please note, the club must be clear of debt five weeks after the player is signed.

Teams can issue a name and nationality of their choice to any auction players. Current 'real life' player names are not allowed, retired players are fine.

#7:- Loan Rules
Clubs within UCFL have the option to loan players both in and out of their sides. The current limit is 3 in and 3 out. Incentives are a big part of loans and the maximum any side can pay for loaning a player out is capped at $10m. The maximum a club can be charged for loaning a player in is $1m.

If you loan a player out, you cannot sell them unless the loan deal has been cancelled. See Rule 5 for Cancellation rules.

Loans need to be posted in the transfer office section of the forum.

#7(a):- Loan Restrictions

Only the players not rated as current first team players (going on main skill only) are allowed to be loaned out. This is to ensure that a club doesn't send away some of its best players to a lower division where their performance will make them into much better players.

The players that cannot be loaned out are (only seniors):

Top Goalkeeper (second choice keeper can be loaned out)
Top 5 in Tackling skill
Top 5 in Passing skill
Top 3 in Shooting skill

Players abs are not taken into account. If two players are of the same skill and only one is covered by the boundaries you can choose which you wish to loan out. Therefore, if you have 6 Tacklers all of the same skill, you may choose any one of them to be loaned out.

#7(b):- Loan Allowances
The maximum number of loans a club can have at any point throughout the season, is three players loaned in and three players loaned out and this includes both senior and youth squads so use your loan slots carefully. No club can use more than five loan players throught the course of a season at any one club. If there is a managerial change, the incoming managers has the full usage of loans available.

#7(c):- Loan Clauses
The basic loan deal is to play full game time unless specified. Any extra clauses need to be posted when confirming the deal and it is up to the clubs involved to make sure their clauses are met.

Loan payments are capped at $10m per player and when posted, it needs to clearly state the amount involved per player and ideally posted in separate deals in the forum.

Loaning clubs have the right to recall players if the conditions are not met meaning the fees paid upfront could also be required to return with the player.

An "Emergency Recall" clause is not an allowed loan clause.

#7(d):- Minimum Loan Length
The minimum loan length in UCFL is one month. (4 game weeks)

#7(e):- Foreign Loans
Clubs can now take advantage of the 'Foreign League' within UCFL and send players there to gain first team experience. This is the current Division Three and there will be games each week to mirror the regular season. The regulations and fees for these are as follows;

Confirm a loan in the transfer office section. You must pick at least 3 (preferably 5) clubs in order of preference.

There are only 12 GK and 24 FW spot's. These are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The outfield positions will be allocated so that if 12 DF's go out on loan, each foreign club has 1 loanee. Only then will a club take a 2nd DF on loan. And the same for MF/FW.

Foreign loans can be cancelled at any time during preseason and part payment may be refunded at the discretion of the FA. Once the season begins, no foreign loans will be allowed to be cancelled. Players will be allowed to be sent out on foreign loan after the season begins, but the fee is the same as it would be at the start of the season

The cost of sending players on foreign loan is currently based on the players main skill, and is;

Skill, Fee
23 or above, 2M for season
22, 3M
21, 4M
20, 5M
19, 6M
18, 7M
17, 8M
16 and below, no loan permitted

Once players are sent out on foreign loan, they cannot be recalled until the halfway point of the season and no earlier, so make your choices wisely as any changes will not be sanctioned.

If you do decide to recall any players from foreign loan at the midway point of the season, half payment may be refunded at the discretion of the FA.

The deadline for you to send players to foreign loan is the last transfer run of preseason so that you ensure they get maximum game time at their clubs.

#8:- Releasing Players & Signing Free Agents
Clubs can release players as and when they feel the need to. These will be sent to the free list which can be found in the transfer drop down menu on the main bar across the top of the forum. To release a player, locate the player in your roster and via the drop down menu, select to release them. Alternatively, post the players details in the transfer office forum within the Transfer Arena.

To sign a free agent, you need to post a transfer confirmation post in the transfer office section of the forum. If multiple sides approach the same player, the player will be allocated to the side in which they will be highest placed in the roster going on main skill and in turn, will have more chance of first team football.

Free agents are only processed with the Monday transfer run.

#9:- Player Retirements
A number of players will retire at the end of each season when they feel they are no longer good enough to compete in UCFL. Players will retire from UCFL football at all sorts of ages depending on their skill levels. Each preseason, the UCFL FA will review their retirement parameters and adjust accordingly, but the main aim is to remove exceptionally worthless unused players from the rosters. Managers have the right to appeal any retired players that are taken from their squad should they wish to keep them.

#10:- Foreign Offers
Foreign offers are run periodically throughout the season. The number of runs will be reviewed each pre season, and the timings included within the schedule. The number of runs for Season 29 onwards is currently 8. The offers are based on a valuation by the valuation panel which is an average amount based on the total values from the panel. The offer can then be subject to an increased percentage. The FA will review this each preseason.

For each run, every club in UCFL will receive an offer on a random player within their roster. If the club accepts, the player will be removed from UCFL, and the fee added to their finances.

Any player in the clubs youth or senior roster could be picked to receive the bid. The details of the players found can be seen in the Foreign Offers forum in the transfer arena. The seeding is from the Wednesday draw of the National Lottery Lotto game.

#11:- Scouting
At game week 11 of the season, a scouted player will be generated for each team within UCFL. The clubs will be given 1 week to decide which position they would like the player to be. The players will then be valued by the valuations panel before being made available to
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